Music Downloads

THE BEST MP3 Converter

One of the most important things I find that is needed on travels is a good portable mp3 player. In fact most smart phones do the job these days. Apart from one of the other sites that I would recommend is

It has a huge album of music songs and albums ranging from the current top 40 to legendary artists such as bob marley. As they say in Latin America, make sure to check out this site when you want  descargar musica!

trebolI might add the best feature of this site and it’s new version is the ability to convert any music video into mp3 format. It’s great for downloading to your pc or smartphone!

It covers artists from Europe, but you can still find the likes of J Balvin, Farruko, Nengo flow and Don Omar. The list is endless.


How to easily get from Ireland to France

I was looking for a quick route to reach the sun. I was getting so tired and dreary with the dull weather and cold rain. I recall travelling by ferry from Dublin to Holyhead in Wales. Holyhead is a nice small town, but it personifies inactivity with little to do in the town itself. And being on the coast it does get hit with some bad weather sometimes.

Take a Shortcut to France

I was surprised to find that that both Stenaline & Irish ferries both offer regular ferry trips from Rosslare in Ireland to Cherbourg in France. If bringing a car, you can get prices from €99 one way.

I was on my own and travelling with just a backpack. The one way ticket was €50 and the journey lasted around 19 hours!

I actually didn’t realise it was that long because once aboard the ship there was plenty to do. I spent alot of time wondering around, watching TV, drinking a guinness, eating in the restaurant and sleeping.

If your looking for some special offers or thinking about making a trip from Ireland to France or the other way around, check out the Stenaline or Irish Ferries website. Prices vary but at around €100 for a return trip to France I think it’s well worth it if you have the chance!


World Happiest Countries

There are various studies done to determine which countries have the happiest bunch of people.  It really is a difficult thing to figure out because after all who knows the true answer to what makes people happy?

Things to consider

  • Money & Wealth
  • Health
  • Security
  • Family Life
  • Relationships & Lovelife
  • Social Life
  • Free time
  • Stress levels

There are so many metrics to being happy. And guess what the value of these differs for each person. I have met so many people who are extremely wealthy, but always stressed. I can’t say they are happy.

This topic is to be continued. After I will look at other metrics of happiness and the so called levels of happiness in various countries worldwide.